19th May 2023

Dear Parishioners,

It is good to be able to send out to you the Newsletter for the coming week together with the Reading for Holy Mass this weekend. 

On Sunday twenty-three of our Year 4 pupils in Holy Spirit School will celebrate their First Holy Communion, and next month children in non-Catholic education, currently being prepared by Parish Catechists at St. Paul’s, will also celebrate this momentous day on their spiritual journey. For many the special day of these children will evoke memories of their own First Holy Communion, and those of family members, whether long ago, in what often seems to be a different world (and at times Church !), or more recently. Either way what is given and received remains unchanging and the same. It is the very Body and Blood of Jesus. And our “Amen” on its reception, or for those who receive a Blessing, is the great statement of our continuing fidelity to this statement of Faith and belief. It is Jesus with us “always, yes, even to the end of time.” 

Please remember our young people in your prayers and thoughts this weekend, together with their families, especially their parents who are their “first teachers in the ways of Faith.” May they remain faithful to what they receive, imitating the fidelity of the Lord who comes to them in this great Sacrament.

Be assured of a continued daily remembrance in prayer, kindest thought and affection.

As ever, Fr. Nicholas

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