28th January 2023

Dear Parishioners,

Once more it is good to be able to send you the Newsletter and the Readings for Holy Mass this weekend.  

Attending a recent medical appointment with my father (on a Monday !) I was asked by the Receptionist if I was his Carer. I responded that I was his son. When the question was asked a second time, I repeated my initial answer, after which we were told to go and sit in a waiting area. I may well offer some care provision for Dad, but it is not the sum total of our relationship. Indeed, I see it very much in terms of a pay-back experience. 

This weekend’s Gospel presents the followers of Jesus with a template of how to live: the Beatitudes, or attitudes of being a Christian. It is a list of ideals for self in our engagements with others. None stand alone, nor is any one the entirety of perfect discipleship, just a facet. Nor is the list total or complete. In fact, if truth be told, that which St. Paul refers to as being the greatest virtue – Love – is not actually mentioned yet is presumed to be the basis for all. A gentle reminder that life is complicated and despite the best attempts to compartmentalise it, it is having none of it ! With its many pieces it forms a mysterious puzzle, whose many parts have the potential to eventually produce a minor work of art. Put together by two pairs of hands, our own and those of God. 

In my case Carer maybe, Son always. For others Parent for life, Primary Educator long before school. Follower of Christ from the day of our Baptism in church, called to live this unique call always and everywhere – at ease and in challenge.    

With an assurance of prayerful remembrance, kindest thought and affection.

As ever, Fr. Nicholas       

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