12th August 2022

Dear Parishioners,

Celebrating the beautiful Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption this weekend, I’m sure that like so many of you, I am grateful of her maternal companionship on the journey of life. It is also a reminder of her powerful intercession on our behalf to her Beloved Son. With so many in need of a remembrance in prayer let us be generous in our spiritual recollections and place into Our Lady’s ever-caring hands all those who stand in need of reassurance and encouragement on their particular pathway through life. Whilst we may be able to name some of these people, others will be far removed from us, and without a name familiar to ourselves, while some in especial need of prayerful support may stand, sit or kneel closer to you than you imagine as we gather for our Masses this weekend. Whether the needs of those we recall, or indeed those of ourselves, are heavy or light to bear, in the title of our church at Cleckheaton may all find hope and inspiration: Our Lady of Unfailing Help. And may Our Blessed Lady do for us, what she is outstanding at – pray for us !

With prayerful remembrance, kind thought and affection.

As always, Fr. Nicholas

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