16th July 2022

Dear Parishioners,

Along with my good wishes comes the weekly Newsletter and Readings for Holy Mass this weekend. 

With the prediction of very high temperatures over the coming days there is a very timely scenario offered to us all in the Gospel of the weekend. The story is familiar; the welcome given by Martha into her home of the family’s friend, Jesus, and the complaint that she makes about her sister, Mary. Whilst for many of us the frantic and busy nature of Martha’s preparations for her guest are a part of our daily lives, the Lord reminds her that it is Mary who has chosen the better part, by taking life at an easier pace, relaxing and both listening to and welcoming His words. Perhaps in the expected heat we could be all a little more like Mary … attending to the necessary jobs of Martha with a more relaxed and measured approach. Do please, be sensible in the heat, keep hydrated and have a care for yourselves and those you know. 

With an assurance of remembrance in prayer, and kindest thought.

As ever, Fr. Nicholas   

P.S. As of yet, no arrangements for the Funeral of Fr. Bernard Funnell have been announced. When I am aware of them, I shall send an e-mail, and they will, naturally, appear on the Newsletter too. 

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