From Your Pastor -19th August 2023

This is a column that I took up writing when I was Pastor of St Joseph, Pontefract and Holy Redeemer, Huddersfield.  Basically it gives me an opportunity to rant on certain subjects and it gives you an opportunity to see a little of my mind at work! 

You’ll notice that I use the word “Pastor” rather than “Parish Priest”.  Personally, I prefer it as it seems to reflect better my understanding of my ministry amongst you.  There’s nothing wrong with being called  a “Parish Priest”, and I won’t chin you if you call be that, but I use the word to remind myself that my primary task is not to keep the lights on or the buildings in spectacular shape.   My primary task is to herd you (and all the so-called “resting” Catholics) and everyone else within the boundaries of our community through the gates of heaven and I intend to have a good crack at it!

Care of buildings, lights, finance etc – these are all noble pursuits of the modern priest but there is no more noble task than saving the soul of your husband/wife/children/entire parish.  By the way, tell the “resting” Catholics that their days of “resting” are numbered! #justsaying

Fr Nicholas has been in touch this week and, like yours truly, he is doing his best to settle down and unpack.  He asked me to let you know he is deeply grateful for your generosity as he took his leave of you last week and has been touched by the very kind cards and comments he received.  He asks your prayers for his dad and for himself as they settle into their new home and he assures you of his prayers.  He will be offering a Mass for your intentions.

Finally, please be patient with me.  I am so excited to be your Pastor and am keen to get going but I need to cut my cloth accordingly.  It’s a mid-life thing!

God bless you all

Fr Simon

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