17th December 2022

Dear Parishioners,

Despite celebrating the fourth Sunday of Advent this weekend, we still have almost a week before we gather to rejoice at the birth of Christ in such humble surroundings two thousand and more years ago. Our Liturgy, from today, alters dramatically, with Readings focussing on that first coming, containing familar texts from the Infancy Narratives of both St. Matthew and St. Luke.

This Sunday we are presented with the ‘alternative’ Annunciation story, that of St. Joseph, as told by St. Matthew. It recounts St. Joseph, a ‘man of honour,’ struggling with his conscience amid the complexities of life. Ultimately, he embraces God’s will for him which takes nothing of the difficulties and stark reality of life away from him. Yet he journeys with a confidence lived in the simple truth of the name given to the child to whom he will be the earthly father: God-is-with-us.

May we each enjoy these final reflective days of a Season given to us as a pre-Christmas gift, wrapped in its own beautiful and meaningful Liturgies. 

With an assurance of prayerful remembrance, kind thought and affection.

As ever, Fr. Nicholas

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