19th November 2022

Dear Parishioners,

Celebrating the beautiful Feast of Christ the Universal King this weekend reminds us that the Liturgical Year is rapidly drawing to a close, and another will dawn shortly with Advent. The Feast reminds us that the Father has handed everything over to the Son, empowered by the Holy Spirit. The journey of life on earth undertaken by Christ was rich and varied, diverse and tough, yet every occasion was taken to reveal something of the life of Heaven that Christ had already known. Even journeying to, and on the Hill of Calvary itself, kindness was shown, forgiveness granted, the promise of eternity made, and a home found for his Blessed Mother. In some way may our lives be channels through which the eternal comes to be known in the transient and passing,

A verse from the Remembrance hymn (“O Valiant Hearts”), sung last weekend, seem most appropriate when reflecting on this weekend’s Gospel text:

“Still stands His cross from that dread hour to this
Like some bright star above the dark abyss;
Still, through the veil, the Victor’s pitying eyes
Look down to bless our lesser Calvaries.”   

With an assurance of prayerful remembrance, affection and kindest thought.

As ever, Fr. Nicholas   

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