14th August 2020

Dear Parishioners,

A slightly earlier than usual delivery of this weekend’s Newsletter !

This is in part to let those who may have had thoughts of attending an advertised event – the Royal British Legion’s Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VJ Day, which was due to take place tomorrow (Saturday) in the Memorial Park at Cleckheaton – that the act of remembrance has been cancelled due to our current localise restrictions. Despite the lack of a formal event, we can still pause for a moment during the morning to remember the sacrifice, and suffering, of those who fought in the Far East during World War Two.

It continues to be a source of joy to welcome ‘returning’ parishioners to our celebrations of Holy Mass both during the week and at the weekend. Hopefully those attending feel reassured by the disciplines in place to keep everyone safe within our two churches. I continue to be enormously grateful to our volunteer Stewards, and to those who, after each Mass, are wiping the benches down and ensuring surfaces that may have been sat upon or touched are sanitised for use by the next congregation.

Be assured of a continuing remembrance in prayer and affection, and let us all hold one another in similar sentiment.
Fr. Nicholas

From webadmin:  Apologies for the delay in posting the update from Fr Nicholas – which was supplied Friday Evening instead of Saturday morning.

This week’s newsletter references an article on the Diocesan website entitled VJ Day 75.  This article can be found here

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