11th July 2020

Dear Parishioners,

Please find enclosed this weekend’s Newsletter, together with the Readings for Holy Mass and a very helpful guide offering step-by-step assistance for who wish to book on-line for a seat in church.

On the Newsletter may I draw your attention to our need for more people to act as Stewards; both churches need volunteers to act in this capacity in order for us to function as we are currently. Whilst there are some restrictions about who can fulfil this role, it is important that the numbers increase.

We continue to be grateful to all who are supporting our churches financially through the use of envelopes and standing orders. For those do not use either of these methods and who contribute to the ‘loose’ collection, please be aware that on a small fraction of this financial resource is coming. The figures mentioned on the Newsletter under the title “Text Giving” give a stark indication of our loses in this regard. Maybe you could think of giving in this way.

Wishing you continued good health,
and with an assurance of constant prayerful support and affection,
Fr. Nicholas

From web-admin:
text CHURCH HEC to 70500 to donate £5 through your phone
Click the donate button to make a one-off or recurring payment of any other amountFor more details, see the Offertory Donations page

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